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Outokumpu Group show

Today all my three Valls were entered in Outokumpu Group show (groups 1 & 5). The judge was Karl-Erik Johansson from Sweden. Ruri was the only male and he got CAC-Quality and was BM-1. Then there were 3 junior class bitches. Two of them got EXC and Silja got VG because she is still a baby, long legged one! She needs to mature more. Nothing else for the juniors. Then was Bella's turn. She too got EXC but nothing more. Still she was BOB-VET and she got a honorary prize for being THE OLDEST DOG IN THE SHOW!!! I did not even know this kind of prize was there. Below a picture of my Grand Old Dame Bella.

So Ruri was BOB. All my dogs got good critiques. All were shedding which was mentioned. And with Ruri the judge aske if I had a good vaccuum cleaner.... I have NO IDEA what he meant by that.... :-D

Silja on the table. As you can see, she has loooong legs.

Our catch of the day. Not bad. BOB-VET rosette comes later. They had run out of them.

NOTE: the judge of today is judging in the Swedish Main Speciality show this year, he is judging the bitches. So not your average Joe.


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