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Top Team agility training in Mikkeli, 2.-3.9.

Me and my dogs were in Mikkeli 1.-3.9. training agility. 2.-3.9. was Top Team and I and Ruri were chosen to be participants there. On Saturday I trained with Siri, who is my second dog for the training. I did also one course on Sunday with her. I do the easy bits with her and the more difficult courses with Ruri. He did a long, 36 obstacle course today, in three parts. He has been having a time off from agility but he did great despite the break. He just loved to be back in action. We slept in my caravan on the grounds where we trained. We had a nice weekend. Thanks to all of the coaches: Sanna, Tero, Harri, Mikko and Miia plus all the group members for a lovely, lovely weekend!!! See you next time in Jyväskylä!


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