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1.10. Kiruna - BPH

Silja was BPH tested in Kiruna on Sunday. BPH is Beteende- och personlighets-beskrivning hund, a type of mental and personality test for a dog. It describes how the dog reacts to different things. This is a Swedish test. Silja did it with shooting and passed it with flying colours. You can opt out the shots. I wanted it done to my dog. There are several moments which test how the dog reacts to threats, surprising things, is it greedy for food, how friendly it is towards strange people, how playful it is and how it reacts to strange surfaces.

Before our turn there was a Rhodesian ridgeback whose owner did not want her to go through the test. It was too much for the dog that day.

Kiruna is in Norther Sweden, a loooong way from where I live, but I am glad that I went there. Not only did I learn a lot about my dog (one surprise was that she is not that greedy for food than I thought) I also found the the test very pleasant for the dog. And people were nice and the test leader and the judge were especially nice. The test is longish so the dog is thoroughly judged. Silja took it in her stride and wasn't feeling any pressure. She is a tough little cookie. She is the first Finnish Vall to do this test.


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