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Eno Group show 17.8. 5 & 7/8

Today Ruri and Silja took part in Eno Group show. The judge was Leni Finne, who had liked my Bella years ago. She had put Bella BOB and BOB-VET over my Jonni. There were 3 Valls, Ruri as the only male, entered in Veteran class for the first time, a junior bitch and then Silja in intermediate class. Ruri was in a barking mood and was badly shedding so he got "only" Vet Class EXC/1 and BOB-VET. The junior bitch got VG/1 and then it was Silja's turn. She was lively as ever and was bunny hopping. But the judge liked her and she got EXC/1 CQ BB-1 CAC and was BOB! "Youd would like to get this wouldn't you?" asked the judge. And then said "You can take this also?" when giving me the coveted CAC!!! I was over the moon! I did not stay in groups because our ring was first in the morning and I had left my third dog at home. I would like to thank Alice from Mättjärns for Silja. She is growing to be a nice bitch. Thank you.


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