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Agiråkki 6.-8.7.

Last weekend we had the first ever Agiråkki, three days of agility, from Friday to Sunday. We also had our first ever official Games-classes in Finland, Snooker and Gamblers. I entered Ruri to 3 agility classes, one each day and to Snooker on Friday. Siri had 2 classes each day and gamblers on Saturday. Friday was hot and Ruri had to jump 30 cm high fences. He has not jumped that high in a long time and that combined with the heat was a bit too much for him. He did jump clear but we spent too much time on the course so we got DQ. I decided that I do not want to stress him and scratched him from rest of the starts. Siri was hothothot and got two DQs. The first was because I had to be in two places at the same time. It was my turn to run with Ruri at the same time than I should have been walking the course in Siri´s class. So busybusy. The second DQ with Siri was good. If she had not jumped one fence back to me we would have gotten one refusal (weaves) under ideal time. On Saturday Siri managed to get two results!!! 15 and something and 6th place and 29 and something and 5th place. I was so pleased that I scratched from Gamblers and from Sunday´s starts. She was a bit ancious on the starting line because there were competing dogs on either side. So I wanted to not to let her get stressed at the start so I will compete next time

on more relaxed athmosphere. I was happy of our results and on Sunday I worked as a helper in the course in one of the Class 3 competitions.


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