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Breed examination in Rantasalmi

We were in Rantasalmi in breed examination. Marit Cronqvist from Sweden and Iris Kaimio did the examination. It was a hot day and we had to wait because the food did not arrive in time so the pause was a bit longer between the morning group and our afternoon group. My old gentleman Ruri got VERY GOOD from type and what made me happy was that his front part was all good. No problems in shoulders which is a common problem in SVs. Silja got GOOD but she has potential. She is not fully mature yet even though she is two but she is slow maturer, which shows. I had my Bella from the same damline and those girls all were slow to mature. After few years Silja will look much different. Whad saddened me was that she did not her fabulous trot. She was more excited of smells and other dogs and she pulled in the leash . But, no can do. It was what it was. Bot dogs were accepted for breeding.

Here are pictures of them, taken By (C) Miia Kierikki-Malinen


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