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Now both Aki and Pup are registered in Finnish Kennelclub. Aki is in FIX since MMP is not (yet) acknowledged breed here and Pup is in ER because she has ISDS papers, not FCI. Aki is now over 18 months so she can start competing in agility. She was measured todat for her competition book. She was 27,4 cm which is under 28 cm limit so she is XS! Woohoo! BUT she was under that 1 cm margin so she was not yet confirmed as XS. She heed in total 3 same results to be XS. But she competes as XS in her first competitions. Looking forward to that..... Pup is starting competing also. She is entered in Rally-O competition on 21st of March in Jyväskylä That will be interesting.....


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17.10. Kuopio Rally-O

Today both Aki and Pupe got a result in a same Rally-O competition! It was our first! We competed in Kuopio. Aki got 71 points and judge's prize (TP) and Pupe got 97 points. Both need just one result

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