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FI SE EE CH RN Fennican Rurik Jonnisson, 
FI CH PAIM-T Mättjärns Silja, MMP FI CH RN Aquila Dalmatinski vrisak, MMP  FI CH Andrija Stubički Columbo Pacis, border collie RN BaW Dot  and Maiskis Yaruga.

My aim is to breed dogs that are true to the breed type, dogs with great working ethics and also trying to preserve genetic variation within the breed. 

My foundation dog is late Fennican Jonathan  Jovial, "once in a lifetime" dog. He had it all, looks, great character, a true gentleman. He was also healthy and could herd cows and compete in agility and obedience. He was used in breeding for only a limited amount. He had 5 offspring and only two will pass on his genes. He already has promising grandchildren who, like their grandfather, have shown to have same kind of character than their granddad.

In my kennel Jonni's son Ruri will be the one to carry on where his dad left, hopefully producing new promising Valls for performance and as pets. Ruri has produced a litter in kennel Maiskis and I have his daughter,  Jarra, at home. She is my future hope.

Welcome to kennel Vilavallarens.
Small scale breeding of Swedish Vallhunds for performance and Company
Also breeding of Small Medimurje Dog - Mali Medimurski Pas from Croatia

I got my first Vall in 2000, Fennican Jonathan Jovial, Jonni. He was a successful competition dog, both in shows and in agility. He was an International and Multi Champion with Ch titles from 5 different countries. He was also a Double Champion both in Finland and in Sweden by having also FI and SE AgCH titles alongside with show titles.
Jonni died in 2013 of nasal cancer.

My second Vall, and my first import from Sweden, was Heds Bellis De Lux, Bella. She was born in 2003. Bella was FI CH and had one CAC from Russia. Bella also competed in agility in Class 2. Bella finished her CH title at 11,5 years of age in 2015.
Bella died of kidney failure 22.2. 2018.


My third Vall is Jonni's son, Fennican Rurik Jonnisson, Ruri. Ruri is born in 2009. He competes in Class 3 in agility. He has CH titles from 3 countries. He has finished his RN title. 
Ruri has won silver in Paragility World Championships (PAWC) in 2015. We have won gold in Finnish Paragility Championships (JSP) four times, in 2014, 2017, 2018 and 2019. 2016 we got silver. In 2013 we won the Open Championships gold.

My fourth Vall is Mättjärns Silja, Silja. Silja is born in 2016 in Sweden, so she is my second import. Silja has a bit rarer pedigree and she is an asset to my future breeding programme. Silja has just started her show career. She is doing Nose Work and her nose is quite good. Silja competes in agility and won silver in Finnish Paragility Championships (JSP) 2019 in her second agilty competition. Silja finished her FI CH title in Kajaani 17.8. 2019 so she is my 4th Champion.

In 2022 Ruri got a litter in kennel Maiskis and I got my fifth Vall from that litter. Her name is Maiskis Yaruga, Jarra, and she is my future hope. 


My other breed is working Border Collie. I bought my first BC from Sweden in 2014. Siri (Erkens Byebyecya) was from great working and competing bloodlines. She was bought mainly for agility use but she showed to have a good nose so I did tracking, blood tracking and nose work with her. Siri won silver in Finnish Paragility Championships (JSP) in 2018 and bronze in 2017 and 2019. 2016 she was 4th. Siri passed away 27.5. 2019 from heart failure during anestesia. Siri competed in Rally-O and got RN title. 
I got my second BC from Belgium, from Wiet van Dongen, BaW kennels. BaW Dot came to me 14.6.2019 and I hope she will be a great agility prospect. I shall do other things with her when she is a bit older. At the moment I compete in Rally-O with Dot. She is also started herding. Fall 2021 Dot finished her RN title.


I also own mali medimurski pas.  I have a bitch called Aki, Aquila Dalmatinski vrisak and a male called Andy, Andrija Stubički Columbo Pacis. The breed is small in size but big in heart. Aki competes in agility and rally-O and at the moment I am competing with her in Novice level. This breed was accepted in Finland since 1.1.2021. Aki became FI CH in 25.7. 2021. In 2022, 14.5. she finished her RN title.
Andy came to me in the summer 2020. He is a very lively lad. He became FI CH in Kontiolahti INT show 28.5. 2022. 


Updated 5.12.2023

(NEWS: 5.12.  Health results, At stud)


I would like to thank the following persons:

Inga Kahlman, from kennel Fennican, for the wonderful, wonderful "Dog of my Life" , my lovely Jonni !!!
Also Inga and Tuula Suhonen were responsible for the making of my Ruri, so thank you both for the project which was so successful! I have now my Ruri as a living legacy of his father.


Maud Hedberg from kennel Heds for letting me have my wonderful old girl, Bella ! 

Alice Karlsson from kennel Mättjärns for Silja. She is a lovely, lovely little lady.

Björn Mattson from Erkens kennel for Siri. She was a talented bitch.

Robert Filipovic from Dalmatinski vrisak. Thank you for trusting me Aki. She is adorable.

Wiet van Dongen, kennel BaW for Dotje. She is a wonderful puppy!

Igor Lovrentjev, kennel Columbo Pacis, for Andy. He is a real whirlwind.

Maija Henttonen, kennel Maiskis, for Jarra. She keeps the line going.

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