There are five dogs in my kennel. Two Swedish Vallhunds, one working line Border Collie and two MMP. I like that my dogs have working ability and mentality that suits for the work they were originally bred for. That is why I mental test my dogs, either Mh- or character test or both. One has done BPH. I also do herding instinct test with them. 
FI SE EE CH RN  Fennican Rurik Jonnisson


FI SE AgCH CIB Nord CH FI SE NO EE RU CH  EE VetCH Nordic W-01 Fennican Jonathan Jovial - FI SE CH Hurradonets Östina Östanvind

HD A/A  ED 0-0  PL 0-0 (-11, -12)  eyes clear (-10, -12, -14, -16) 
back OK (-10) (unofficial)
Mh-tested, shot = 1 (-10)
LTE +140 secure to shots (-12)
breed examinated (-10)

herding instinct test - excellent instinct (-10)

bear tested (-13)

Paragility World Championships (PAWC) silver KAT7 (-15)
Paragility Finnish Championships (JSP SM) gold KAT7 (-14, -17, -18, -19)
Paragility Finnish Championships (JSP SM) silver KAT7  (-16)
Paragility Open Finnish Championships gold KAT7 (-13)


Agility  3 x 0 (MINI 1) ->  MINI 2
Agility  3 x LUVA (MINI 2) ->  MINI 3
Agility  1 x 0 (MINI 3)

Rally-O  3 x ALO HYV. -> RTK1 (RN)

Canine Freestyle 150,67 points   ALO H

Breeder Inga Kahlman, kennel Fennican, Finland

BaW Dot


Ballyglass Dave - BaW Brook

HD - ED - PL 0-0 (-20) - eyes clear (-21)
CEA normal (by parentage) 

TNS clear (by parentage)
IGS clear (by parentage)
CEA, DM, EAOD, EIC, HUU, ICM (=IGS), MDR1, PLL, PRA, pcrd-PRA, SN, TNS  clear (-21)

Rally-O  2 x ALO HYV.

Breeder Wiet van Dongen, kennel BaW, Belgium

FI CH PAIM-T Mättjärns Silja


Mättjärns Rackar Bolt - Swicht Busiga-Beate

HD B/B  ED 1-1  PL 0-0  eyes clear (-17)  back OK (-17) (unofficial)

breed examinated (-18)

bear tested (-17)

herding instinct test - very good instinct (-17)

ability test for sheepdog - traditional style - passed (-17)

BPH -test, passed, shot = 4 (secure to shots) (-17)

Paragility Finnish Championships (JSP SM) silver KAT7 ( -19)

BOB-pup (-17)
1 x BOB (-18) (Intermediate class)
1 x BOS (-19) (Open class)
2 x BB-2 (-19) (Open class) (1 x NO, 1 x FI)
3 x CAC (-18, 2 x -19) (Intermediate class, 2 x Open class)
1 x RES-CACIB (Open class) (NO)
1 x RES-CERT (Open class) (NO)

Breeder Alice Karlsson, kennel Mättjärns, Sweden
Aquila Dalmatinski vrisak


Kasper - HR JCH HR CH HR GrCH Ena

PL 0-0  (-19) (-20) - eyes clear (-21)
wolf tested (-19)

Rally-O  2 x ALO HYV.

Breeder Robert Filipovic, kennel Dalmatinski vrisak, Croatia

Andrija (Stubički) Columbo Pacis


HR GrCH HR CH HR JCH Erik - HR JCH Aska od Novoga Zrina

PL -  - eyes clear (-21)

Breeder  Igor Lovrentjev, kennel Columbo Pacis, Croatia

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