Silja FI CH!!!!

Today was a nice day in dog show! We were in Kajaani Group show under judge Hilkka Salohalla. Ruri was in Veteran class and Silja in Open. Ruri was shown another person so I could concentrate on Silja. Ruri was the only male present. There were two Junior bitches, Silja and a soon 10-year-old Int Ch bitch. Ruri went first and got EXC 1st CQ and BM-1. Then it was Junior bitches. One got VG and other EXC but no CQ........ I got excited. Just Silja could get CAC! I showed he to the best of my ability and IT PAID OFF! Open class EXC 1st CQ and after that CAC was secured!!! Veteran bitch got als CQ so it was time for BB class. In BB class Silja lost to that Veteran bitch but she was BB-2 with CAC thus becoming a new FI CH!!! Woohoo! In BOB class the bitch won so Ruri was BOS and BOS-VET. But I was happy. Ruri got the recognition he deserves and Silja became Champion! Silja's brother Sumo won CAC in Rovaniemi and he too became FI CH! What a day for us!

New FI CH Mättjärns Silja

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