JSP SM 2021 and other news

Lots of updates are due!

Andy had his first Birthday 29.1.2021, Pupe became 2 years old 23.3., Ruri had his 12th Birthday 5.5. and Silja became 5 years old 4.6.! Oh how time flies! 29.3. eye exam, Aki, Pupe and Andy. All clear.

3.4. agility competition. Aki, Silja. Silja was 4th. 21.4. health checks: Andy PL 0-0, Pupe OCD clear, HD A-A, PL 0-0, ED 0-0. Pupe has been herding a bit. Starting to realize what thats all about. And the latest GREAT news! 20.6. in Kuopio was held JSP SM, that is for me ParAgility Finnish Championships. Aki and Silja took part. It was a hot day. Silja renewed her 2019 Silver and first timer Aki took an honourable Bronze. I was very VERY happy about both girls. They did well. Now we are waiting for a show season to begin. FINALLY!

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